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Our dealers stock: BMW M3 parts, BMW z3 parts, BMW e36, BMW e46, BMW e30, BMW X5 parts, BMW e34 parts, BMW e39 parts, BMW e46 parts, BMW e30 parts, BMW 320i parts, BMW Z4 parts, BMW Mirrors, e36 mirrors, BMW 325i parts and BMW 318i parts.

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We've got BMW window parts, BMW ignition parts, BMW electrical parts, BMW brake parts, BMW wheel parts, BMW engine parts, BMW body parts, BMW gearbox parts, BMW suspension parts, BMW door parts, BMW exhaust parts, BMW clutch parts, BMW interior parts, BMW body kit parts, BMW fender parts, BMW steering parts and BMW transmission parts.

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BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (or bayern Motor Works). It is a German company with a long tradition. It started off as a company that made engines for teh German aiforce. In fact, the circular blue and white BMW logo or roundel is supposed to be the movement of an aircraft propeller, signifying the white blades cutting through the blue sky.

BMW also made motorcycle engines and then motorcycles too after World War 1.

Today, BMW is best known for its BMW is known for its performance and luxury cars, such as the M3 and the 3, 5 and 7 series sedans. It also owns the MINI and Rolls Royce brand. The company is expanding to the east and sees a big future in Asia. In May 2004 BMW opened a factory in Shenyang China, in a joint venture with a Chinese auto-maker. The factory is expected to produce 30,000 3 and 5 Series per year. BMW plans to build a 2nd factory in China in 2012.

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